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  • Novels

    A Winter's Reckoning*
    A young sorceress, who has been singled out because of her powers, decides to throw everyone a curve so she can follow her own fate.

    The Unravelled Quest ROUGH DRAFT
    A psychological spirit quest dealing with archetypes which takes takes on a different twist. Because this story was spaced out over a long period of time, there will be a few extra entries to skip over.

    Anima Prima WORK IN PROGRESS
    A story of the supernatural, history and past lives. Might even finish it someday. Inspired by this early short story of mine.

    The Stories of Jasmer the Radical*
    Novel done for NaNoWriMo 2007. It is post-everything in the Havor universe and an experiment in breaking the fourth wall.

  • Short Stories

    The Other Gods
    An artificial intelligence considers its survival. Hear it read for free.

    The Color Walk*
    A young woman finds out what her talents are. (Pre-A Winter's Reckoning.)

    A Gift in Kind*
    Sequel to "The Color Walk". A young scholar causes a commotion when he visits the Color Valley.

    The Destroyer
    Passover through a different point of view.

    If Mad I Be*
    A mage deals with the possibility that he may be incureably insane. (Happens after A Winter's Reckoning.)

    Suitors of the Seamstress
    An arcane romance. More practical than mushy in style.

    The Lunch Date
    Who said that love is only for the young?

    The Eternal City^
    An interstellar story of intrigue and danger. Industrial spies find themselves facing total annilation.

    Breaking with the Past
    An unconventional and unspooky ghost story.

    The Rose Duchess*
    A pregnant woman defends her city, while her husband is at war. (During the Thorn Rebellion.)

    The Madness of Sir George
    Foiling one man's plan to marry a rich widow.

    Bedtime and/or Children's Stories
    Simple stories done in story-teller fashion. Includes Don't Hurt the Bubbles, an illustated slideshow book I wrote based on something that actually happened to me as a Primary (junior Sunday school) teacher.

    May They Whisper No More
    The story of a cursed queen.

    A Lady's Wishes
    Sometimes a person's reasons are not so obvious.

    Scarlett's Lot*
    Another Havor story, which takes place after A Winter's Reckoning. A wizardess finds herself seeking redemption, while trying to protect a witch she put in danger.

  • Poetry

    Breathing Spaces and Other Offerings
    Paperback; Pages: 168; ISBN: 0-595-22074-6; Published: Mar-2002
    Epic in Four Parts

    Loose Poems
    Stuff I haven't grouped in another way yet.

    Earliest Poems
    At least what I still have. It's the original version of a poem textfile I created in the summer of 1993. Please, if you read this, do me a favor and ignore the "intro". I'm pretty sure I was on meds at the time. For some reason I was trying to be upbeat.

  • Comic Strips

  • Early Works

    First Draft Of Forces of Ether
    The piece that brought the world of Havor into being. Six short chapters. This book will be written one day, but I am going to write several other stories set before it first. This is because this story is going to be intricate and complex and I need to develop the events that lead to it.

    A Fatal Moment
    Based on a nightmare, this story explores time-travel and drug-resistant bacteria.

    Fire and Ice
    An inhabited planetoid is about to be destroyed from a leftover war relic. A bit too sappy in some parts for some people. A bit too depressing in other parts for other people. People usually either enjoy it or hate it. Think what you will about the piece, but it does invoke emotional reactions.

    Hannah's Dinner
    A religious story set during the New Testament times. Actually written around 1993.

    Very Short Stories
    Written as gifts for some friends.

    The Innkeeper's Wife
    An essay/story about the innkeeper who didn't have room for Joseph and Mary.

    A Christmas Story
    An altered version of a story about the birth of Christ by an anonymous author with scripture references added.

    The Hunter Sees
    original version of the short story that spawned Anima Prima...

  • Essays and Editorials

    Essay on Creativity
    How writing helps me on a personal level.

    Fuzzy Martian Editorials
    From a newletter I used to publish from 1998 to 2000.

    Random Editorials and Rants
    Including some classic ones and those that were once on the fuzzy.snakeden.org site.

    Term Limitations
    Why I think we need them.

    A Comparision of Historical Archetypal Intergenerational Family Roles
    From the beginning of history, people have told stories and myths to pass on morals and role expectations. These archetypes live on in the lives of people even until this day, in some form or another.

    Religious thoughts and musings. It's a good idea to check the essay on Symbolism first.

  • Therapuetic Symbolism

    The Pilgrimage
    A fable of my life in 2000.

    My Fairytale
    Written with the help of The Mythic Path by David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner.

    Personal Shields
    Drawing up the archetypes of protections and personal strengths, personal shield have a long tradition of defining one's self.

    The Power of Tears
    They express what words cannot say and release what action cannot contain.

    The Power of Dreams
    "Letters from the subconscious."

    The Pueblo Storyteller
    The story of how they came to be and my experience in making one.

    Finding Personal Animal Totems
    We are all a part of nature. We should not be surprised if we see parts of ourselves reflected in the animals we draw to us. Finding out what we identify with can reveal a lot about ourselves.

    Journey of the Innocent
    The first of a set of archetypal journey workbooks I am planning to write. You can read one written using this outline here.

    The Psychic Growth Cycle
    This is my personal intepretation of the Grand Round of Mandalas as describe by Joan Kellogg.

    2000 AD Mandalas
    My first three series of mandalas, done April, 2000 to July, 2000.

    July 2001 Mandalas
    My fourth series of mandalas.

    Spring 2002 Mandalas
    Did these to give my children an idea of different types of mandalas - fifth series.

    February 2003 Mandalas
    Sixth series - done while recovering from sinus surgery.

    Body Work with Art Therapy
    Three exercises designed by Lucia Capacchione. There are several more and many good books there by her.

  • Resources

    Alchemiae Basica
    An Alchemy Primer for the Ignorant and Historically Impaired

    HP Alchemy Class
    This is something I put together for a Harry Potter group. It covers several things from Alchemiae Basica - plus Chinese and Arabic alchemy.

    Basic Poetry Tutorial
    Originally compiled around 1993, it covers the basic terms, rhythms, forms and styles.

    Advanced Poetry Tutorial
    Unlike the Basic Poetry Tutorial, this one is not being taken from a book as much as from my own experience as a poet and things I have learned from other poets I have personally interacted with. I have categorized the types of inspiration sources by what I call them - so don’t be surprised that when you talk about a “poetic snapshot” to someone who hasn’t read this tutorial, if they have no idea what you are talking about. I’m sure that someone, somewhere, has created “official” terms for these things, I just like my terms better.
    The most common type of inspiration, the spontaneous, I will not discuss since my main purpose is to give you a direction when you have no idea of what to write about. Just remember that some of the best poems are a mixture of spontaneous and directed inspiration, which will feed each other.

    Legend of the Dream Catcher
    I like making them and this is the legend found on many Lakota websites.

    Legend of the Stone People
    With a few examples.

    Common Mistakes Fiction Writers Make
    Some of my notes from Jack Bickman's book. You really should read the book itself. These just are prompts for me. I remember things better if I write summaries.

    Common Myths about Writing
    A few of the misconceptions people have.

    Copyright Information
    Some of the legal stuff dealing with copyrights.

    Rules for Positive Peer Reviews
    The one group I was in that really took this to heart was one of the most productive and creative groups I have ever been a part of.

    Some words on writing poetry
    You might also want to read this bit of advice on sharing poetry over the Internet too.

    Writing Tips
    from The Scott, Foresman Handbook for Writers, 2nd Edition; Hairston and Ruszkiewicz and other sources.

  • Personal Stuff

    User Information
    A brief summary of this journal's purpose and normal LJ stuff.

    Live Journal Tags for this journal.

    One of my online photo galleries.

    The other online gallery.

    The Wood Dragon's Lairmamaslyth
    My personal blog and venue for my online quiz addiction. Some people watch TV for their mental bubblegum - I do memes and quizzes.

    Echoes through spacecosmicsiren
    My blog for scholarly and art therapy related items.

    Eclectic Connections and Ruminations ldsconnections
    My religious and philosophical journal.

* Stories in the same world. The details can be found here and the timeline here.
^ Stories that are part of a sister civilization.

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Interesting situation....

I have currently entered five of my poems in a contest for a game I play under a pseudonym and I am doing my best to make sure no one accuses me of stealing my own works. (To my knowledge, no one has yet.)

Anyway, in case anyone from Celsius comes to this page, I am indeed Juliannabariman in your game, and the following poems are my own works:

A Day Full of You
Deeper Love
Kindred Spirits
He Called Me a Rose
Love Without Cliches

Though, if memory serves me correct, I think only three of these poems on in this journal.

To make Google+ happy


Now, I just have to stop dragging my feet about rescuing old works off of old hard drives. I'm really disgusted that I didn't save a copy of one story I've been working on to the web. I thought I had, but I can't find it anywhere. :(

International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

Read for details - https://www.eviscerati.org/commentary/2012/04/23/all-ye-international-pixel-stained-technopeasants-unite

In honor of this day, I am taking advantage of the fact that Amazon will let me price Dust Motes and Ashes for free for 5 days. Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me start it until tomorrow.

So, in addition to this, like Christopher Wright, I will be looking through my works and posting something new on The Short Stories of A.D. Barncord, with a lot of already free content for you to read.

I encourage the rest of you technopeasants to join in.

Story Excerpt

“Was the vandalism that bad?”

“Well, it wasn’t exactly vandalism,” he says. “It was more voyeurism.”

I wait for a few moments. Then I say, “You know, I’m completely in the dark here. Would it really hurt to give me more to go on?”

“Your attacker tried to push himself into your home to see if his attempt was successful. His access to this dimension is limited, so his face presented itself as a charcoal drawing on your wall.”

“That must have been very creepy looking,” I say.

“Damn near hospitalized one of the officers processing the house,” Jasper answers. “Poor guy almost had a stroke when the face tried to talk to him. It will be interesting to see what happens when they try to remove it. As it is, it’s good news for us.”

“How so?”

“It showed me the limits of your attacker’s access here. Not having my resources, he’s relying on substandard equipment and for the moment, he’s stuck.”

Read it at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007FKAY0E

New short story on Amazon

Dust Motes and Ashes [Kindle Edition]

What if your reality was not what you have always assumed it was? A woman grapples with this question as she finds herself stalked by a malicious entity and helped by someone she had always deemed to be a figment of her imagination. (Written in English.)

US store - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007FKAY0E - $0.99
UK store - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007FKAY0E - £0.77
DE store - https://www.amazon.de/dp/B007FKAY0E - EUR 0,89
FR store - https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B007FKAY0E - EUR 0,89
IT store - https://www.amazon.it/dp/B007FKAY0E - EUR 0,89
ES store - https://www.amazon.es/dp/B007FKAY0E - EUR 0,89

(Borrow this book for free, with no due dates, if you are a Kindle owner and Prime member in the US.)

I'm not sure if the international versions are live yet. They look live from my account, though.